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House Name Plaques & Signs

At McMillan Memorials, we produce house name plaques & signs. House names can be commissioned in the more traditional plaque form through a range of local sand stones, or additional materials further afield.  As well as producing traditional house name plaques & signs, we also offer granite, marble and limestone plaques in a wider range of contemporary and decorative styles and requirements.

Often, our clients have a local stone that is important to them and that they would like to use for their house name plaque or sign. These stones could include those from a local quarry, a large field boulder.

At McMillan Memorials we are  often commissioned to attend a client’s house or business to hand engrave a house name plaque or sign in situ. These commissions can be carved directly into the fabric of your building. All ideas are possible, so please feel free to contact us about your house name plaque or sign to discuss your vision and help bring it to life.



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