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McMillan Memorials was recently asked to undertake stone masonry work to restore a tomb inside a Shropshire Church for Judge Leighton. This is an approximately four hundred and ten year old tomb that is extremely ornate. There are foils and cusps that have been fixed to the main structure of the tomb which are very delicate and which had reached or were nearing a condition in which they were falling off and becoming unsafe. The tomb was commissioned around 1610 by the descendants of the deceased who was the Chief Justice of the Welsh marches and he lived in a near by manor house. The characters and emblems which form the tombs embellishments tell a story of the life of the Chief Justice.  Consequently its preservation was historically as well as culturally important to the history and development of the Church and the wider Parish.

shrewsbury gravestone restorations memorial restoration shrewsbury IMG_1928


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