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Granite & Marble

Granite and marble are amongst the most dense stones available for use in the creating of memorials. Hand cut lettering of a granite or marble headstone, cremation plaque or gravestone is less forgiving than the carving of their softer cousins and requires greater skill from a memorial stone mason. To cut or stab through the granite or marble without splitting a ragged shatter at the surface of a letter’s aris is a testing task, but this makes it all the more satisfying. It also bears testament to many hundreds of hours of work – and of making mistakes in apprenticeship – but through perseverance, perfecting the art, acquired by McMillan Memorials.

Due to the temperamental nature of granite or marble in masoning a gravestone or cremation plaque, a modern memorial technique has evolved to speed up the process, side-stepping the patience involved in learning the art by the use of machinery. This means that prices are kept lower and the end result is still an extremely durable and distinguished head stone,that represents great value for money.

A significant amount of the granite and marble in use around the country is imported from abroad, including Italy and china. A magnificent range of colours is available for granite and marble headstones, gravestones, memorials and cremation and commemorative plaques ranging from white, yellow, orange and red, to purple-grey and black.


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