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Traditional Headstones & Churchyard Gravestones

Each one of our churchyard gravestones and traditional headstones is bespoke and reflects both the requirements and traditional aesthetics of the intended churchyard along with the wishes of our clients.

Customarily, the materials used for creating traditional headstones and churchyard gravestones are a range of hardwearing sand stones and limestone. In our expert opinion, we would always recommend a hand-carved letter, as we believe this ancient skill was developed to do justice to the elegant and traditional inscription styles.

We offer many variations which provide a particular flexibility of design within the category of our traditional headstones and churchyard gravestones. Almost all of our designs can be accommodated from a simple inscription to longer epitaphs. Embellishments involving crosses, motifs or other personal designs can all be discussed to perfect your design. We believe our enthusiasm for producing traditional headstones and churchyard gravestones is reflected lovingly in our work.

All enquiries regarding traditional headstones and churchyard gravestones will include a drawn design and quotation.



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