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Natural Headstones & Bespoke Memorials

We take pride in extending our services of natural headstones and bespoke memorials beyond the graveyard and to more remote locations.

Many people were lucky enough to have a certain place on earth where they felt most comfortable or which had a special resonance for them and consequently is the treasured place in which they would like you to place their natural headstone and bespoke memorial. Often these places are remarkable with views of a river, beneath a tree or at the summit of a hill.

Whatever the circumstances, be it a less conventional form of spirituality, a headstone outside of the confines of a cemetery or Church yard can offer a greater degree of individuality. Be it more artistic, minimalistic or naturalistic, from a stonemason’s and a memorial mason’s perspective, our natural headstones and bespoke memorials are the most exciting and rewarding commissions. Our natural headstones and bespoke memorials can even take the form of a stone bench, fountain or other water feature.



memories that stand the test of time