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QR Scan Memorials

At McMillan Memorials, we offer some of the most innovative technology to accompany the commission of a head stone, plaque, or simply as an addition to an existing memorial. One of our most technologically advanced services is QR scan memorials.

The nature, shape and size of a stone memorial limits its ability to express all there is to say about the life of a loved one. With the simple insertion of a QR scan tablet – at the rear of the headstone, near the grass or gravel level – we can solve this. Most mobile phone devices include QR scanning capabilities.

With ease, a scan with the QR scan memorial technology will link the reader to an online home page created by you for your loved one. With a QR scan memorial, you can include all you wish to say about the one whose life has passed; serving as both a testimony and a tribute to be seen by those living and those many generations to come.


memories that stand the test of time